Microsoft Bing and Clarity

Microsoft’s Clarity team was just over a year old and offered an exciting new web analytics product for web developers and digital marketers. Unfortunately, owing to its newness too few people knew about the product. Therefore, they hired me to write technical blog posts for a new blog under development.

But I would have to do this bottomless task while simultaneously maintaining and updating the product’s online help documentation and supporting the Microsoft Bing for Commerce team with technical documentation. Never one to shirk from a challenge, I stepped up to the plate and created a diverse set of documents for both of these teams.

The first task was to take ownership of the entire Clarity online help website on MS Docs and GitHub. After familiarizing myself with extensive company guidelines used by technical writers to manage writing and production processes, I created and edited new documents and FAQs.

At the same time, I collaborated with the lead product manager and Clarity developers to write a series of technical blog posts that explained the product’s key features and how to get the most out of them.

Finally, I helped the Bing for Commerce team with multiple documentation tasks: updating the developer documentation to add coverage of new APIs, writing a user guide for a new plug-in for e-commerce site managers, and editing a large portion of the Bing for Commerce GitHub repository.

As my contract came to a close, Clarity launched its blog for public consumption and my commits for edits of Bing’s API documentation were approved and immediately added to the Bing doc portal.