Tech Editing @ Amazon

As a technical editor, I work on a variety of internal and seller-facing docs. If you want to see examples of my editing prowess, ask for before-and-after examples.

Tech Writer, Dev Docs @ EA

One of my projects at Electronic Arts was working with the Social product team to add the Presence documentation to the new developer doc portal. The audience consisted of internal and external game development teams.

Tech Content Writer @ Microsoft

At Clarity, my duties included writing original blog posts and managing the online help and documentation portal. I also helped the Bing for Commerce team with developer documentation, including editing a large portion of the Bing for Commerce GitHub repository.

Tech Writer III @ Google Maps

Internal developer docs assume familiarity with the basic ideas and tools, and they get to the point fast.

Tech Writer @ Siebel/Oracle

I wrote the "Version 1.0" document for Siebel Mobile Connector. Authored 100% of below document.

Tech Writer @ MSN Partners

I wrote a major update to the SDK for telecommunications partners interfacing with MSN.

These are representative examples of my writing for software developers and other I.T. professionals.

In most cases, the documents are original, unedited drafts, so you can see work that is 100% mine. 

Those documents that were originally written for internal audiences have been fictionalized.

Please don't share this URL or disseminate these documents in any form.