Siebel Systems

My client was getting ready to launch a new software tool to allow its customers to create voice, wireless, and other applications with Siebel Business content. The documentation team hired me to create a detailed guide that would instruct users of a standards-based API on how to work with XML from an optimized Siebel application definition.

After developing the documentation plan and starting to gather all the necessary information about the software, I proceeded to write the original user guide. Among the components of the guide were the overview, the system architecture, installation guide, configuration guide, data transfer mechanisms overview, the Metadata Business Service API, the alert service guide, and a Quick Reference for the Application Definition.

The documentation sailed smoothly through the quality assurance and editorial review processes and were shipped with the next update to the Siebel database.

I believe the system’s documentation provided all the necessary conceptual, how-to, and reference information for database developers and architects to understand how to use the database with mobile phone software.

My Portfolio

This document is an excerpt from the Introduction to About the Sibel Mobile Connector.